Review Review: Legit, Paying or Scam?

Welcome to, in today’s article I’ll be revealing all you should know about Legit or Scam?.

If you’ve heard about this platform known as from your friends or you come across it on social media and you’re looking if is legit or scam, then you’re in the right place to know, if wether to continue or quit since the numbers of scammers is rising everyday.

Reviews like this will assist you or rather advise you, in deciding which platform to put your money on, as most of these platforms would take your money without providing you with any return.

I believe by the time you’re done reading this review you will be able to take your final decision of joining and to know if is legit or scam

In today’s review I’ll be giving answers to questions like, what’s How does work? How to Sign-up/Sign-in account? Is Legit or Scam? Is Paying? withdrawal and many others things will be reveal in this review.

Note”this article was written base on research, #naijabucks is not by any way associated with”.
Now let’s begin..

What is is an online earning platform that claims to allow its registered members earn by caring out orders in the platform.

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You can also earn in this by their affiliate program, like inviting your friends and family to join the platform through your referral link, in every referrals you make using your referral link you earn a commission.

How does works?

Before you participate and earn money in this platform you must be a full registered member of, you are required to visit their official website to be registered.

As you register, the platform now allows you to earn money by completing tasks on the platform and referring people to join.

There are different VIP plans available in, each of this VIP plans has its own commission attached to it, the higher the commission the higher you earn from the platform. VIP levels.

VIP1 Level

Amount limit:30
Daily order:45
Commission rate:0.28%

VIP2 Level

Daily order:50
Commission rate:0.29%

VIP3 Level

Daily order:55
Commission rate:0.31%

VIP4 Level

Daily order:60
Commission rate:0.33%

VIP5 Level

Daily order:70
Commission rate:0.36%

VIP6 Level

Daily order:90
Commission rate:0.39%

VIP7 Level

Daily order:110
Commission rate:0.44%

VIP8 Level

Daily order:130
Commission rate:0.5%.

How to Sign-up/Registration

Click here to direct you to their official website.

Input in your details like username, phone number or email address and password.
Then click on REGISTER to process your account.

How to Login/Sign-in account

Input your phone number and password.
Then click on LOGIN to access your account. Affiliate Program/Referral link.

You can earn big without any investment through your referral link by inviting your friends and family to join the platform and start working to earn money.

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Anyone who successfully register on the platform using your link the platform reward you for that.

The more people you refer or invite to the platform the higher commission you earn.
You can earn more through this program by sharing your referral link on social media encouraging friends and family to join and earn. withdrawal

Withdrawal on platform is very easy.

Once you have reached their minimum withdrawal, all you have to do is provide your withdrawal details and request for withdrawal.

Is Paying

At the time writing this article no proof of payment is found online.

Who Owns/Founder or the CEO of

I’ve done many research about this information to be known, unfortunately didn’t reveal any information about themselves.
Such platforms can be dangerous at times.

Is Legit?

That’s the most important thing to know before investing in any platform. has no payment proof for now to consider it a legitimate platform to earn money.

Such platforms who didn’t reveal much about themselves can be dangerous.
If you still want to join make sure you invest what you can afford to lose.

Is Scam?

Tagging scam platform at this moment will be too early as no one has complain scammed by the platform.

If you had experience anything bad from this platform please do share with us at the comment section below.


Thanks for the time keeping in reading this my review on to this point, I hope you’ve learned something here.
If there’s anything negative you’ve experience from this platform please share with us down here.

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