Review on Carrotpay Loan App: Trusted or Scam?

Welcome to in today’s article I’ll be revealing all you shouldknow about Carrotpay Loan App if it’s legit or scam.

Carrotpay loan app is a Nigerian mobile lending service that offers micro and medium short-term personal loans of between ₦5,000 to N50,000 in collateral free loans.

With some details and your ID card, you can qualify to get the loan online.

Over ten thousand download on Google Play Store with mixed reviews, Most costumers seem impressed with the app’s simple and smooth registration process. It uses a loan software to collect prospective customers information including phone records, banking transaction alerts, BVN to build the credit score of each borrower.

If you’re asking whether Carrotpay loan App can be trusted to expose your personal information to. You’ve to read every single information founded here correctly

I believe as you read this review to the end, you would be able to take your final decision whether If you are to join or not.

What is Carrotpay Loan App?

Carrotpay Loan App is an app that made it easier for you to get a loan in minutes if you pass their automated checks and have a good credit score.

How does Carrotpay Loan App works

With Carrotpay Loan App you can get loan as low as N5,000.

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To access any loan you must be as 21years of age.

Some loan tenor can run up to 180 days, depending on the type of loan you want to carry, you’ll decide to choose the best repayment term that work best for you.

There’s an option for partial repayment before your loan is due, By repaying diligently.

You can improve your credit history which made it easier for you to carry your own higher amount of loan in time coming.

How do I apply for a loan on Carrotpay Loan App?

I know you will be asking this question.

Carrotpay Loan App only accept people from 21years above. You can borrow between N5,000 to N50,000, and you will be given pay back time of 60 and 180 days after receiving it.

Follow this guide to apply a loan on Carrotpay Loan App:

First Download the Carrotpay Loan App, it’s available on Google Play.

You will be required to create account, input Username, Email address, Phone number, Date of birth.

Now Go straight Apply for a loan and get the cash you need.

Carrotpay interest Rat

If you choose a loan package of N10,000 (Principal) to pay back over a 6 months tenor at an interest rate and fees if 3% per month (36% APR), You will be paying back N1,966.67 monthly for 6 months, At the end of the 6 months you would’ve paid a total of N11,800.

Did Carrotpay has contact page?

Yes these are the medium you can contact them.

Email them on support@carrotpay

Visit their website

Follow them on Twitter:

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Facebook page:

Follow them on Instagram: https//

Follow them on Linkedin: https//

That’s how you can get in contact with them

Is Carrotpay Loan App Legit or Scam?

There are many complains concerning Carrotpay, I can guarantee you that Carrotpay Loan App is not save to used.

You can leave your reviews down below the comment section.


Thanks for the time to read this article to this point, if you’ve any question you want to ask, you can do so by dropping a comment down below.

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