Review Review- Login, Register, Paying? Legit or Scam?

Welcome to Naijabucks.Com.Ng I hope you landed right here looking if is a legitimate platform to earn cash, am very certain after studying my evaluate you’ll understand the subsequent step to take, whether to join or not. Find out if Is legit or scam.

In this assessment, I’ll take delivery of solutions to questions which incorporates what’s how does work? how to earn money? Is legit or scam? how to withdraw on how to register/ login on, who is the founder of and plenty of others may be screen in this article.

If you’re looking for the above information then you’re lucky as you are about to know them in this review and most of all knowing the truth if is legit or scam.

Disclaimer “We Naijabucks is not by anyway associated with consequently this put up is based on studies and honesty”.

What is is an online investment platform where registered members invest their money in other to make profits in return.

There are many platforms that come with this way to provide with its members profit as they invest their hard-earned money on the platform which they end up running away with members investment. we know you may be asking if is legit or scam? Don’t worry, keep reading as you find out the real truth, now let’s see how they work and how they can earn members money.

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How does work

Before you can work on this platform to be earning money, you need to signup for account with the aid of travelling to their respectable internet site to register. We’ll direct you on a way to signup as you examine down.

When you successfully register on the platform, they welcome you with a Sign-up bonus of N700 and also allows you to start earning when you select a Core (plan) and make a deposit on the platform.

There are different Core (plans) available on, all the Core has its own deposit amount and different profits making attached to them, which means the higher the Core you deposit the higher profits you get from the platform.

The minimum investment plan on is N3000 which is the Core-1 where you earn N150 daily profits for 120days.

How to earn on

Before you can start earning money on you must select your preferred plan on the platform, make a deposit and start receiving daily profits according to the Core (plan) you subscribe.

There are about Core-1 to Core-10
You can see below the available plans on, there deposit amount and daily commission attached to them.

Another way you can top up your earnings is through their affiliate program, which is by using your referral link to invite friends and family to join the platform, and anyone who successfully register and recharge his/her account the platform rewards you with a commission. Investment Plans

Here are the investment plans available on for members to partake.

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  • Investment Amount: N,000
  • Daily Income: N150
  • Daily percentage 5%
  • Duration: 120days
  • Investment Amount: N10,000
  • Daily Income: N700
  • Daily percentage 7%
  • Duration: 120days
  • Investment Amount: N20,000
  • Daily Income: N1600
  • Daily percentage 8%
  • Duration: 120days
  • Investment Amount: N50,000
  • Daily Income: N4,000
  • Daily percentage 8%
  • Duration: 120days
  • Investment Amount: N100,000
  • Daily Income: N8,000
  • Daily percentage 8%
  • Duration: 120 days
  • Investment Amount: N200,000
  • Daily Income: N18,00
  • Daily percentage 9%
  • Duration: 120days
  • Investment Amount: N500,000
  • Daily Income: N45,000
  • Daily percentage 9%
  • Duration: 160days
  • Investment Amount: N1,000000
  • Daily Income: N100,000
  • Daily percentage 10%
  • Duration: 160days
  • Investment Amount: N2,000000
  • Daily Income: N220,000
  • Daily percentage 11%
  • Duration: 160days
  • Investment Amount: N3,000000
  • Daily Income: N360,000
  • Daily percentage 12%
  • Duration: 160days

When was launched

It’s really good to know how long online platform started because it will let you know if it’s new or it has being existing.

Unfortunately, no one knows when this platform was established. Here is there domain registration 9th of November 2022.

Who is the founder of

This is some other fundamental component you should recognise before joining a platform.

The founder or the CEO of is unknown at this moment writing this article, they have determine to preserve this facts to themselves which we don’t know their intention.

This manner that if something takes place no person will be preserve liable for that.

How to register on

To register on is very easy, follow this steps to learn how to register

Click on this Link to visit their official registeration site
Input your details like Email address, Password, Confirm Password.
Now click on REGISTER to complete your registration.

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How to login on

To access your account is very easy.

Visit their official login site
Input Email address and Password
Now click on LOGIN to access your account. Affiliate Program

Here is another way you can top up your earnings by using your referral link to invite friends and family to register on the platform through your link.

Once someone has successfully register on the platform using your link and make a deposit, the platform rewards you with a commission.

You can get more referrals by sharing your referral link to your social media accounts encouraging people to join and start earning money. Withdrawal

Before you can be able to make a withdrawal on you must reached the minimum withdrawal amount on the platform.
The minimum withdrawal amount on is N1,000 and you will be charged 10% withdrawal fee.

To withdraw provide your bank details and request for withdrawal.

Is Paying

At the moment writing this article, there’s no payment evidence found any where.

Is Legit

There’s no payment proof anywhere to tagged this platform a legit website at this moment this article was published. We still advise our readers to invest what he/she can afford to loose if any misfortune occure in future.

You can leave your reviews with this platform at the comment section below.

Is Scam

At the moment this article was published there’s no negative reports from its registered members. We are following them up to know what members are saying about them and promise to update this article as soon as we find out something wrong about them.

We still plead with you to drop your experience with this platform at the comment section below.


Thanks for your time to examine this my review to this point, if there’s any question you would love to ask or add up something concerning this platform you can go by dropping a comment down below.

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