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We guess you landed here while searching on the internet if is legit platform or scam, or looking for other information concerning this platform that’s claiming to give users profit once they register, then we are very sure after studying our review you’ll understand every important step to take, whether to signup or not. Find out if Is legit or scam.

In this article you’ll be provided with all the necessary information you need to know about that claims users can earn money every day, which includes, what’s, how does works, when was launched, who is the founder of, how to register on, is legit or scam, how to login account, is paying, can I withdraw on without any referrals and many more.

There are different on-line income structures on the internet that are making all such of claim to entice green customers to join their platform. They include lots of engaging package so as to lure investors that it’s the high-quality manner of earning money however in the end, they turn out to be disappointing customers. In this case we decided to review this to let our readers know if legit or just pure scam.

For you not to be victim of these platforms checking have to be your first thing earlier than investing your difficult earned money into any on-line funding. The majority of users do not make any single studies before jumping into online investment, that’s why they end up loosing their hard earned money. Continue reading as you find out if legit or something else.

Disclaimer “We Naijabucks is not by anyway working with Platform but this put up is based on studies and honesty”.

What is

Ultragold is a platform in Nigeria where users can earn money through various means such as participating in surveys, engaging in affiliate marketing, and getting paid for their skills. Is an affiliate marketing platform where you register with a certain amount and allow to earn money by performing simple tasks on the platform. These simple tasks includes daily logins, sharing of sponsored post and referring people to join.

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According to the platform “ is a unique online/network marketing c ommunity designed to offer individuals a chance to harness the power of the internet and transform our daily social media activities into a platform for both learning and earning. It provides an opportunity for individuals to develop valuable skills while simultaneously generating passive income.”

How does work

There is no big deal working with but,
Before you are giving the opportunity to work on this platform and start earning money, you need to signup for account with the aid of visiting their website to register. We’ll direct you here in this article on a way to signup as you examine down.

To register on the platform you need to have a fixed amount for Ultragold to grand you the permission to meet their task and complete it. The registration fee of Ultragold is N5000 and boom you are giving the full permission to make money on the platform.

Once you complete your registration on this platform, you will get a reward of N2,500 as a welcome bonus. Then you will have access to earn from the platform by performing your daily tasks.

Ultragold works in two different ways, either you work as non referral or affiliate, how do non referral earn their money check below. Read down to find out if legit or just scam. claims to be embedded with different structural formulas for earning with or without referrals. And these methods of ventures are in three basic forms;


Another way you can be earning higher is through bringing people to join the platform, which is the affiliate program is by using your referral link to invite friends and family to join the platform, and anyone who successfully register account the platform rewards you with a commission.

Breakdown on how works

  • Registration Fee: N5,000
  • Welcome Bonus: N2,500
  • Sponsored post share: N200
  • Surveying: N300.
  • Affiliate Bonus: N4000
  • Indirect referral bonus (2nd): N300
  • Indirect referral bonus (3rd): N100

How to make money on Ultragold

Earning on Ultragold is very easy as you don’t have to obtain any skills, the amount you earn on this platform depends on the activities you carry out on the platform, daily tasks is about N700 and you earn N4000 per user you reffered using your invite code.

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Once you have register on this platform, you will get a reward of N2,500 instantly as a welcome bonus. Then you will have access to earn from the platform by performing your daily tasks.
These tasks includes sharing your post to your social media accounts, participating on surveys and referring people to join the platform.

Another way you can be earning higher is through their affiliate program, using your referral link to invite friends and family to join the platform, and anyone who successfully register and activate his account the platform rewards you with a commission.

Who is the founder of Ultragold

This is some other important ideas you should recognise before involving your self to a platform.

The founder or the CEO of Ultragold is unknown at this moment writing this article.

they have determine to preserve this facts to themselves which we don’t know their intention.

This manner if anything goes wrong or takes place no person will be preserve liable for anyone lost.

When was Ultragold Lunched

It’s very good and smart to know how long online platform started, with this you’ll know if it’s new or it has being existing.

Fortunately, we discover that Ultragold is a newly lunched website which started on the 1st of November 2023.

How to register on Ultragold

To learn how to register on Ultragold follow this simple guide to have a successful account.

Click here to visit there Registration site
Go and purchase your registration code
Input Username
Confirmed Password
Phone Number
Registration code

How to login on Ultragold

To login your account is very easy all you have to do follow these steps below.

Visit their official website by clicking here
Provide your login details and click on LOGIN to access your account.

Ultragold Affiliate

Here is a way you can top up your earnings by using your referral link to invite friends and family to register on the platform through your link.

Once someone has successfully register on the platform using your link, the platform rewards you with a commission of N2500

You can get more referrals by sharing your referral link to your social media accounts encouraging people to join and start earning money. withdrawal

To withdraw, you must meet some conditions before you can access the withdrawal portal.

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For Non affiliate withdrawal: Those who are participating on activities earning, the minimum withdrawal is N23000, you can place for withdrawal anytime once you reached the minimum.

Minimum Affiliate withdrawal: The minimum affiliate withdrawal for affiliate withdrawal is N8000, you can only place withdrawal only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 4pm to 7pm.

How to withdraw on

On Ultragold, withdrawal is simple once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount which is N8000 for referral and N23000 for activities earnings, all you have to do is to provide your bank details and request for withdrawal.

Remember withdrawal will be process by Ultragold team do well to wait for 24hours for your withdrawal to complete.

Is Legit

Although the features of Ultragold appear legitimate, it is difficult to place trust in the platform because there is limited information available about it, including the identity of its owner, who remains anonymous. They claimed to register under Nigeria CAC which is not true, anybody can edit such be wise.

We welcome your valuable input and personal experiences with this platform. Please feel free to share your reviews in the comment section below. Your feedback will greatly contribute to our understanding of Ultragold and help others make informed decisions.

Is Scam is a newly established platform that has not yet been verified as a scam. However, it is important to note that similar platforms often engage in fraudulent activities, where they collect money from new members and pay it out to existing members. Consequently, it is crucial to exercise caution when dealing with such platforms.

Naijabuks is committed to closely monitoring to determine its true nature and gather feedback from its members. We assure you that we will promptly update this article with any new information we uncover.

To stay informed, we encourage you to join our WhatsApp discussion group and subscribe to this website for the latest updates. By doing so, you can remain connected and receive the most recent news. Hope this answers your question if legit or scam.


We appreciate your time in reviewing our Ultragold analysis thus far. Our observations regarding this online affiliate marketing platform suggest that if you are unable to refer someone, it is advisable not to attempt participation, as they are unlikely to provide any payment. is not for people who can’t be able to refer as they won’t pay non affiliate members. If you have any inquiries or additional insights concerning this platform, please feel free to leave a comment below. We welcome your questions and contributions.

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