Review on Legit or Scam?

Welcome to, in today’s article I’ll be reviewing this platform to know if it’s legit or scam.

In this review I will give answers to questions which includes What’s How does it work? Who’s the founder of How do I earn money on When was Launched? Is paying? How to withdraw on, Is Legit or Scam? and many others will be reveal in this review.

Disclaimer “We Naijabucks is not by anyway associated with platform hence this post is based on research and honesty”

I’m surely believe that by the time you finished reading this review you must have arrived with a solid decision wether to join or not.

Without wasting much time let’s get started.

What is is an online earning platform where you can make money with their free spin, spinning the lucky draw wheel and generating income.

According to the platform “There’s no stress in earning your money, is as easy as pressing the spin botton and start generating income, you can earn up to $500 daily depending your rank.”

You can start with the free 1x spin and get up to $0.68 daily with nothing to lose, invite your friends and get up to 10% when they spin.

Invite your friends and get commission from the platform, remember the more people who register through your link the higher commission you earn.

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How does works?

Before you be a member of you must be registered, visit their official site ( go register, follow the procedures input in the right details then you become a member.

When you register on the platform, you gain the access to earn from them by spinning lucky draw wheel, through this, you can earn up to $500 on daily basis depending on the rank you subscribe.

This platform has different ranks which you have to subscribe to your preferred rank which are:

  • The starter- (free)
  • Bronze ($20)
  • Silver($50)
  • Gold ($120)
  • Platinum($250)
  • Diamond ($600)
  • Super diamond$2000)
  • King($5000)

You can even start with the free account which you will be earning up to $0.68 on daily basis.

With the above rank listed you can choose which one you will like to subscribe remember the higher rank you subscribe, the higher amount you earn.

How to register on

To register follow this steps below.

Click here to be registered
Input your details needed example, username, email or phone number and password.
then click on register.

How to login

Follow this guide to login or sign-in your account on

Click here, go to Sign-in, input your email or phone number and password then click login.
This is all about registering and logins. withdrawal?

You are assured to make withdrawal on once you reach the minimum withdrawal limit.

This platform minimum withdrawal is $5, you can ask for withdrawal anytime you wish. referrals/Affiliate programs

Referring your friends and family to through your link is another great way to earn money.

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Sharing your affiliate link to social media through the referral program to your friends and family encouraging them to register through your link.

When anyone register to the platform through your link the platform rewards you with a bonus of $5 each referrals you get.

Is legit? has no evidence of payment to consider it legit platform at this second writing this article.

I’ll be following them up to know their true status, and promised to review this again when found anything wrong about them.

Is scam?

Tagging this platform scam at this moment will be too early since there have being no complains from its users.


Thanks for your time to examine this my overview to date, if there’s any question you would love to ask or add up something concerning this platform you can go by dropping a comment down below.

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