Review Review-Legit, Paying or Scam?

Welcome to, in today’s article I’ll be revealing all you should know about legit paying or scam.

If you’ve heard about this platform from your friends or you come across it on social media and you’re if legit paying or scam, then you’re in the right place to know, if weather to continue or quit since the numbers of scammers is rising everyday.

Reviews like this will assist you or rather advise you, in deciding which platform to put your money on, as most of these platforms would take your money without providing you with any return.

In this review I will be given answers to questions like what’s How does work? Who owns/founder of
Remotasks.comwithdrawal, How to register or login, Is Legit paying or Scam? and many others will be reveal in this review.

Disclaimer “We Naijabucks is not by anyway associated with platform hence this post is based on research and honesty”

What is is an online earning platform where its users perform different tasks like labeling image to transcribing audio on the platform, and get paid by the platform.

Another way you can earn big is through their affiliate program, by inviting your friends and family to join using your referral link. If any one register to the platform through your link you earn commission for that.

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How does works?

Before you work in this platform known as you must be a registered member.

You’re required to visit their website and get registered, once you are registered then you’re good to participate in the platform.

How to earn on

As you login your account the platform allows you to earn by performing different tasks, and get commission for each tasks you complete.

There are different types of tasks on and each tasks has different commission attached to it. That means the amount the platform pays you depends on the tasks complexity. The platform pays you via PayPal on Thursday. Referral/Affiliate Program

Another way you can earn money is through their referral program, by inviting friends and family to join, when anyone register through your referral link the platform rewards you with a commission for each referral.

You can earn big through this program by sharing your referral link on social media encouraging friends and family to join and earn.

How to register

Follow this steps to register on
Click here to direct you to their official website.
Input in your details like username, phone number or email and password.
Then click on REGISTER to process your account.

How to login

Click here to direct you to their website.
Input username phone number and password.
Then click on LOGIN to access your account. Withdrawal

You are eligible to make withdrawal anytime you like, all you need to do is to provide your withdrawal details and request for withdrawal.

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Who owns/founder of

The founder or the CEO of didn’t reveal any information about themselves. Paying?

There is no payment proof anywhere at this moment writing this article.

Is Legit? founders didn’t reveal any information concerning themselves which is a sign of scam, also there’s no payment proof anywhere for now to declared it a legitimate platform.

Platforms like this, who didn’t give any information about themselves can be dangerous.
Incase you want to invest in such platforms I will advice you to invest what you can afford to lose.

Is Scam?

There is no complains from its users of scamed by the platform at this moment writing this article, I am following them up to see what members are saying of them.


Thanks for your time in reading this review, if you have any thing to add concerning this review been Negative or Positive please do share with us at the comment section below.

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