Review on Legit? Paying? Real? Scam? Find out here.

In this review i will be revealing all you need to know about this online earning platform known as if is legit or scam

There are numerous money-making methods available online, and new programs are being developed daily. The majority of these platforms or schemes are not legitimate, which is why this review exist. Find out if is legit or scam

If you’ve heard about this platform known as from your friends or you come across it on social media and you’re looking if is legit or scam, then you’re yet to know if whether to continue or quite since the numbers of scammers is rising everyday.

In this review I’ll be giving answers to questions like what’s Who Owns/Founder of How does works? Is Legit or Scam? Is Paying? How to register How to login Is Paying?, and many others will be discussed in this review.

Before we start, Note” is not by any means associated with, this review is base on research”.
Now let’s get started.

What is is an online platform that claims to pay its users that participate by completing daily tasks in the platform and earn commission.

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Another way you can earn money from this platform is by inviting people to join the platform using your referral link. anyone who successfully registered using your referral link you earn a commission from the platform. The more referral you make the more you earn commission.

How does work?

Before you participate and earn money in this platform, you must be a full registered member of you are required to visit their official website to be registered.

When you’ve successfully completed your registration then you are now a member of
Now allows you to participate and earn money by completing tasks on the platform and getting commission for each tasks you completed.

How to Registeregister/Sign-up

Follow this guide to be registered
Click in this to visit their official website.
Input in the required details like Username, Phone number or email then Password.
After that then click on REGISTER to complete your registration.

How to Login/Sign-in

Visit their official website, input your phone number and password.
Then click on LOGIN to access your account.

Who Owns/Founder of

I’ve done research concerning the founder or the CEO of but unfortunately no information about them is seen anywhere, I believe they’ve their reasons to keep this information to themselves, which I don’t know. Withdrawal

Withdrawal are available on once you’ve reached their minimum amount of withdrawal. Affiliate Program/Referral link.

Another way to earn money is through their affiliate program, like inviting friends and family to join the platform, using your referral link. In every single referrals you make you earn up to R2. Invite 5 people and earn R10.

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You can share your referral link on social media encouraging friends and family to join.

When was launched was launched in 2022. They do not have any documentation to prove that they are a legitimately registered business.

Is Legit?

I can’t say is a legitimate and trustworthy platform due to that is still new, i will monitor this platform to see what is going on with it and what people are saying about it.

I believe that is not trustworthy because it has a large number of falsehoods in its name, which is a sign of scam.

Is Paying?

No payment is seen anywhere or had by their users at this time writing this article.

Is Scam?

I can say is a scam platform, but as we all know, sites like this pay their initial subscribers and then stop paying new members.

If in Incase you still want to join I will advice you to invest what you can avoid to lose.


Thanks for the time keeping to read this review, if there’s anything you’ve experienced from been Negative or Positive do share with us at the comment section below.

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  • I have invited with this platform cloud fmt the platform app could not working since on 29-07-2023 off to date I don’t know what is happening in is platform


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