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Welcome to You’re looking for answers on how to start a gift card business in Nigeria?

In this article I will be talking on How To Start A Gift Card Business In Nigeria.

How to draw customers to your Gift Card Business and many more will be discussed in this post.

Over 1million people are making huge of money on gift card business (buying and selling of gift cards) in Nigeria. As many seek to remove themselves from poverty or perhaps to find a way were they don’t have to work for anybody but themselves, the gift card business keeps getting more attention, and many people keep searching for ways in which they can start a gift card business in Nigeria.

What Is A Gift Card?

A gift card is a type of card commonly issued by retail stores to serve as a form of gift, this gift card issued by a particular store can stand a place of physical money for a customer to purchase items from that store.

This means that you can’t use a gift card issued by one store to make purchases on another store.
These gift cards are usually give by the stores to ensure you return back to it.

These gift cards are give by the stores to ensure you return back to it.

Popular gift cards are steam wallet gift card, iTunes gift card, Amazon gift card, Google play store gift card, Walmart gift card, jc Penney gift card, Nike gift card, visa gift card, Nordstrom gift card, target gift card, apple store gift card, e-bay gift card, gift card, Macy’s gift card, America Express gift card, Footlocker gift card, g2a gift card, Sephora gift card, iTunes 25 special gift card, Xbox gift card etc.


How Do People Make Money Through Gift Card Business?

Gift Card Business is one of easy way to make money online without incurring heavy startup expenses.

People make money from gift card trading by reselling their gifts card at price higher than the cost prices of the cards.

They go by, looking for individuals willing to sell their gifts cards at reduce price. In this trading scenario, the original owner may want to sell their $150 worth of Amazon gift card for $100. After purchasing the gift card at a reduced price, the gift card trader may opt to resell it at a price of $125 which in turn him or her a $25 profit.

The key strategy to make money here is to simple know How/Where to purchase gift cards at discounted rates. You should also familiarize with the marketing strategy that works best for pitching your gift cards to prospective buyers.

It’s not easy to purchase gift card to make profit if you don’t master the strategy of buying and selling.

Gift Card trading is fast becoming one of the most popular trade specific online business you can do in Nigeria. If you’re able to master the right trading strategy, then you’re likely to become one of the best income earner in Nigeria.

How To Get Customers For Your Gift Card Business

Customers will be the one to help sustain your gift card business.

hile it’s very important to know how to attract customers, it’s much more important to master the tactics for holding them.
To draw customers to your gift card business, here are some of the tips you should follow.

Tell all your family and friends about your business, so if they have people willing to sell their gift cards, they will link them with you.

Advertise your business on popular social media like facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. so people will be aware of your business.

Set up a website, a website will make your business look more professional, and if you have a bit of knowledge about crypto SEO (search engine optimization), you can get customers through this channel.

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You can also print banners about your business and share with people.

The banner should contain your mobile number, website address and all the ways which someone can contact you.

Make sure you have a referral system i.e. a reward to customers who bring other customers to you, this way you can be getting customers while others advertise your business for you.

Which Platform Can I Trade My Gift Card?

You can trade on the following listed


Cardtonic is a gift card trading platform that is registered under the Nigerian corporate affairs.

Commission with the name “cardtonic trading services” and RC number 2654401.

On cardtonic, you can sell a wide range of gift cards like iTunes gift card, Amazon gift card, steam wallet gift card, googleplay gift card, Walmart gift card, Sephora gift card and all other major gift cards.


This Patricia technologies limited is an ecommerce company that deals with trading gift cards.

It is a professional website that you trade gift cards, perfect money and Bitcoin.
You can trade amazon gift card, steam wallet gift card, eBay gift card, Walmart gift card, google playstore gift card and others on Patricia.


Sellcardbtc claim to have the best rates for gift cards in the country. Also they promise a very quick transaction process that should not take more than 10 minutes before you receive your payment.
On sellcardbtc, you can sell iTunes gift card, Amazon gift card, Sephora gift card, Google play gift card, steam Wallet gift card, Walmart gift card and all other major gift cards.


This Cardnosh is a gift card trading platform that has been in operation since 2016.
Cardnosh is a registered business under the Nigerian corporate affairs.

Commissioned with the name “cardnosh trading services” and the RC number 2777339.

On cardnosh, you can sell the major gift cards like iTunes gift card, steam wallet gift card, Walmart gift card, Sephora gift card, Nordstrom gift card etc.

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Raise is an ideal place for trading Amazon gift card. The gift card trading platform offers as high as a 1% discount on Amazon gift cards.
Raise let you trade in the gift card of some other popular retail store. The platform enable you to easily verify a gift card by simple supplying the serial number of the gift card.

Gift Card Gen

This platform is now more commonly recognized for its partnership with Retailmenot. But beyond that, Gift Card Gen is another reliable site for trading a gift card.
It’s a verified place well known for its sales of Amazon gift card. If you’re lucky enough to shoot your shot when gift card are needed, you cold end up selling your card on this site.

Card Cash

Card cash is one of the distinguish place for online gift card trading in Nigeria. So interesting, the gift card site is distinguished for the ability to help you swap one gift card for another. You might just feel like exchanging your gift Card for a different retail store.

You can as well leverage CardCash for converting your gift card into cash. Should excite you that CardCash might be your best for achieving as high as an 11% increase in earnings

It is a great place to trade Amazon gift card in Nigeria.

Note” is not by any way associated with any of these platforms and won’t hold responsible for anything”.

You can trade on any of the platform listed above

What Are The Negative Side Effects Of Gift Card Trading?

Every business has its bad and good side and for the fact that gift card is an online business, there’s a strong likelihood which would lead to scams.

In Nigeria, one of the negative sides of gift cards trading is the presence of scammers. Scammers may pose as gift card sellers always be smart

Rate: You should make sure that the rate at which you are buying is favorable to you and your business.

Payment speed: After you confirm that the gift card is legit, how fast are you willing to pay the seller.


Thanks for reading this post to this point, I hope with what you’ve read, you’ll be able to start a gift card business in Nigeria, if there’s any question you can ask by dropping a comment below..

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