Review Review: Is Paying, Legit or Scam?

In today’s article we are going to expose everything concerning this platform, if it’s worth working with or just waste oftime and money. Is Legit or Scam

Where you invited by someone or you come across it on social media and you’re looking for information about this platform, then you’re in the right place to know, if whether is legit or scam.

It is smart to read reviews about a platform, so you can know if the platform is paying its members as promised or if it’s complete waste of your money and time. Find out if is legit or scam.

In this article I’ll be giving answers to questions about which includes, what’s How does work? Who is the founder of When was launched? How does work? Is Legit or Scam? and many others are going be reveal in this review.

If you’re looking for the above information then you have to read this post to the end, I’m sure you’ll benefit from this post in so many ways.

Note” we is not by any way working with hence this post is based on research and honesty.”
Now let’s see how it’s all about.

What is is an online BNB mining platform where its registered members invest to mine BNB on the platform with the aim of making money.

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How does work?

Working with you’ll need to own account on the platform, you’ll go by visiting their website, go to signup fill in your details and click on register to own account. Don’t worry we’ll direct you on how to register as you read down.

To make money on, you’ll start by downloading your TrustWallet, open the Dapp browser, and put in there your referral link, now connect your wallet using smart chain network then put in the amount of BNB you want to buy to mine and select “Buy Meta Miner”.

Now you can start mining to make money, you should know that, the profit you make surely depends on the amount of BNB you buy. You can get a 10% daily returns and a 3780% annual percentage rate, it all depends.

You can also be earning allot of money using your referral link to invite people to join the platform, in every single referral you make you earn 13% of BNB bought by your referral.

Also know there’s a development fee of 2% paid to for the mining service offered to you.

Who is the Founder or the CEO of

The founders or the CEO of is unknown at this moment writing this article, they’ve decided to keep this information to themselves which I don’t know their aim.

When was Launched?

No one knows exactly the date came to exist, I can tell you is a newly launched platform that was just known recently this year July 2022.

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How do I Sign-up account.

Signup on is very easy follow this guide to register.
Click in this to direct you to their official signup page.
You’ll’re required to summit your details like Username, Email addres, Phone number and a Password.
Then click on Create account to own account.

How do I Sign-in account?

First visit their official login site by clicking on this
Input Phone number and Password.
Then click on LOGIN to access your account. Referrals Link

Used your unique referral link to make money, share it to your social media accounts, invite people to join using your link and earn 13% BNB of the person who join using your referral link.
You can make used of your referral link to make allot of money on Withdrawal

To withdraw on this you can used any of the available BNB wallet you like, you can withdraw your money at anytime you wished.

Is Paying?

There has being no payment proof at this moment writing this article, although is still a new platform.

Is Legit?

I can’t assure you that is a legitimate and trusted one since there have being no payment proof available, also not much about them is known

Is Scam?

As we all know was just launched and no negative report about them is seen anywhere at this moment writing this article, so we can’t tell of their true status as for now.

If you think is a scam or you have experience anything bad from them please drop a comment at the comment section below.

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Thanks for your time to read this my review to this point, if there’s any question you would love to ask please drop a comment below.

I’m going to end here in this review, I will surely review this as soon as I found anything wrong about them.

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