Is Palmcredit App Legit or Scam /Latest Review On Palmcredit App that you must read.

Welcome to we brought you another loan app called Palmcredit App. Is this Palmcredit App legit? Find out here

Loan Apps are quick and easy way to get a loan, They are digital product that offer short term loans to people who go through financial crises with the promised to pay back what they owe within a period of time. Palmcredit App Legit?

There are many Loan Apps available today claiming to provide you a low interest rate which they won’t, while some are just pure scam.

You want to be sure that you only get involved with loan apps that are real and generous with the amount they give you and the interest.

We brought you one of them, you can try with fair interest which is the Palmcredit App.

What is Palmcredit Loan App

Palmcredit App is a financial loan app where you can get a loan in short time without any collateral provided with fair interest rate.

It is a digital finance loan app operated in Nigeria owned by Newedge Finance Limited.

This app started three years ago and is serving Nigerians financially.

If you want to try using this app, ensure you’re capable of repaying your dues.

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What are those things Palmcredit Loan App require to offer a loan?

There are requirements you must have before you can get a loan from Palmcredit loan App

Palmcredit Loan Requirements are
  • A Palmcredit Account
  • A functional Android smartphone, not an iOS or Windows device.
  • A valid BVN
  • A Bank Details
  • Valid Mobile Number

With all these requirements you can proceed by going through the application process below.

How do I apply?

Applying a loan is very easy on Palmcredit, since is a form of digital product, you didn’t need any collateral or documents etc, to get your loan.
See the procedures to get a loan on Palmcredit below.

Download the Palmcredit App

The first step you need is to download the app which is available on Google Play store with just 8mb required and it doesn’t take much space on your phone.

Create account

After successfully installation of the app, the next thing is to click the app to register.
The app may need you to grant access and permission to your phone like message history, photos, contacts, location, phone data etc.
Once you grand them the permission you can continue creating your account by providing your name, phone number, email address and a secured password.

Fill Your Details

After done creating your account, The app need you to summit your financial details which will detect if you can get a loan or not.

You summit your details about your monthly income, where you work, drop about three guarantors, your BVN and so on.

After you provide those information needed, Palmcredit will run an identical and risk analysis on you so they can decide the amount of money that fits your financial profile.

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Loan Offer

As soon as they’re done finalizing your credit profile, they’ll decide the amount they’ll make available to you from 11,000 naira upward.

Once you get a loan Offer you can now choose and apply for the amount you want.

Palmcredit Interest Rate

Palmcredit loan offer their interest range from 14% to 24%.
The best part is that you can borrow Palmcredit loan for as long as 14days to 180days.

Palmcredit Repayment

Paying before your due date it will increase your loan amount limit and duration you can borrow money.
Here are some of ways you can payback your money on Palmcredit loan.

Pay direct with your ATM card on the app.

Pay with bank transfer to the account number provided on the platform.

If you’re unable to pay direct on the app and you want to repay through bank to their account, Ensure you get in contact to their customer care before processing your payment to their account.

How do I contact Palmcredit Loan

Palmcredit loan has a customer care that available from Mondays to Fridays at 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.

You can reach Palmcredit loan for your complains and questions with their contact 070072564357.

Is Palmcredit Loan App Legit?

Yes, Palmcredit loan is owned by Newedge Finance Limited is fully licensed by the CBN to operate as a finance company in Nigeria.


Thanks so much for your time to read this my Palmcredit loan App review, if there’s anything you’ve find it negative from this app ensure to inform us by dropping a comment down below.

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