8 Best Online Shopping Sites You Must Know.

Thereare many online shopping sites available today and new ones are popping up every week.

All these variety of sites are of good thing, yet many are confused when faced with so many options. That’s why in this post I brought to you the best 8 online shopping sites, that will help you make up a final decision.

There are some factors you need to consider when you go online shopping, they include how much you’re willing to spend to qualify for free shipping, the level of qualify you need, and how reliability you need the customer service to be.

it also has a delivery process, which if you’ve shopped online before, you’ll know it can be a real deal breaker. While the best online shopping sites offer a premium membership to speed things up and get your goods even quicker, others drag their feet and can take an age to ship your purchases.

Without wasting much time see below my overview of 8 best online shopping sites, along with their pros and cons of each.


I know you have heard of Amazon, the reputation of the huge online retailer.

Amazon started with selling books before diversifying its inventory to include all everything they are today. Founded on 1994 by Jeff Bezos in the United States.

It serve a vast number of countries around the world, offering numerous product such like electronics, e-books and kitchen appliances to furniture.

There could be problems buying online, but Amazon is one of the best at streamlining the process for customers.

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  • Regulated sidewide sales
  • Premium membership prime offers next day delivery and discounts.
  • Reliable customer support.


  • Some people find that the mobile version of the website isn’t user friendly.


eBay is essentially online action website, where you place order to buy items you do like, Buying through eBay is an easy process, some people has see it the best online shopping experience. You will often have to keep an eye on the bidding to ensure yours is successful at the end, which can be quite a thrill.

The website gives out a wide range of sales that are put out for sale by the individuals of those participate product, on eBay you’re going to find out different items mixed with second hand secondhand professional.


  • In some cases you can find unusual collectibles and other unique products.
  • On eBay bidding is really nice unless you buy items for less money you think they’re worth.


  • You can’t detect the conditions of the items, you can only be by the sellers words.


Walmart is a grocery store that just don’t offer drinks and food but many others as well.

As well you can get other groceries on other platforms, Walmart provide you with health supplements, electronics and beauty products available on the platform.

Walmart provide everyday items and anything else you might need around your house.

The platform has a premium membership called Walmart+ offering no minimum shipping and other perks.


  • On Walmart you can return items free of charge.
  • If you spend more that $35 you get a free shipping.
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  • The items and quality of clothing you bought may vary.


Etsy is a creative home that want to monetize their hand-creative goods.

It’s an online platform to visit if you want an artisan made product from Wedding rings to handmade shops they provide it all.
Etsy product is unique and enjoyable to used.


  • You can find out different unique handcrafted items and bespoke Jewelry available on Etsy.
  • Let’s you support creators and reward artisanal work.


  • There are several fees to consider when selling product on Etsy.


Wish is a well known high growth online market place that allows shoppers to browse and buy items from third party sellers.

It started in 2010 founded by Peter Szulcewski and Danny Zhang in San Francisco bank.
If you’re looking for bargains and cheap products, then wish is available for you.

Shopping online can be expensive especially when you factor in shipping cost, with wish platform you can get more affordable alternative so you can save money when you shop online.


  • Wish product prices are very low, and there are regular deals and heavy discount.
  • You can choose to receive a notification as soon as the product your looking for is ready for sales.


  • You deal with third party Marchant, so experience with purchase may vary.
  • The delivery is not too good to rely on as other online retailers.

Best Buy

Is an online electronics retailer website where you buy computers, laptops, cell phones, video games and more new technologies.

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If you’re looking any tech product, Best Buy is a solid option as it has a wide selection of products, regular deals and offer a free next day delivery on certain items you need.


  • There is an option to pick up your items on the store or a free delivery when you spend more than the cost.
  • Wide selection of electronics and digital goods such as download and e-gift card.


  • There’s no free returns of items on Best Buy.
  • Their customer service is only available via phone call.


Target is one of the large brick and mortar store that offers a wide selection of products, like Walmart.
You can make Target your option if you’re scanning the internet for everything from clothing to groceries.

You will also find a range of homeware and garden furniture on the website, which you can make a choice.


  • Free spinning when you spend $35 up
  • You can return product with free.


  • Some times the platform cancel orders placed due to less stocked.


Zappos originally started with shoes only but has now expanded to offer all sorts of items, everything from woman’s apparel to kid’s clothing.

The platform is well organized with women, Men, Kid’s Brands, Department Brands, and sale being the major menu items.
The Zappos online store is known in the shopping industry for it’s customer service.


  • Customer services respond rapidly and reliably.
  • Free returns on items you don’t like.


  • Selection is mostly limited to apparel.

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