Top 9 Cannabis Business Social Networks you should know.

In today’s article I will be writing about Cannabis Business Social Networks.

Top 9 Cannabis Business Social Network You should know.

What’s Cannabis Social Networks?

Cannabis Social Networks is any form of a company or local phamacy, social media allows you to collaborate share and communicate with other Business customers.

Driving the growth of your products, Cannabis Social Networks offers you the latest information about the Cannabis industry moreover, it’s also gives the people in the cannabis Industry a platform to interact like other social network sites

This industry increasing legality and popularity, we’ve seen cannabis social network use grow exponentially. The cannabis industry is now a huge market with plenty of room for growth.

And there are currently many networks that can help cannabis business operators succeed at connecting to marijuana ethusiasts.

whether you want to use a cannabis business social network to meet professionals or are interested in making personal connections with other cannabis ethusiasts these top Cannabis Social Networks will make the process more straightforward.

Here’s a list of top 9 Cannabis Business Social Network.


Grasscity forums is where you’ll find cannabis related news along with years worth of archives that track the evolution of cannabis would culture. It also has a dispensary director, which enhances cannabis professional reach and cannabis enthusiasts.

WeedLife Network

Since its conception in 2013, WeedLife Network has become a massive platform for the cannabis business world. This cannabis social network consists of more than 40 websites offering a cannabis social network news feed bringing the latest from cannabusinesses.

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Even though WeedLife is mainly for weed lovers, many businesses in the cannabis industry create accounts. This is where the cannabis market hangs out, which means if you’re a business owner in this space, you should at least gain access to and create a business page on WeedLife.

Besides the various functions available, WeedLife Network is user-friendly. Since this is a mobile app, it’s easy for the cannabis community to connect and find cannabis companies, including cannabis growers and dispensaries, as they move around.


This cannabis business social network serves the innovators, the people making big moves, and, of course, cannabis users.

The most interesting aspect about Weedable is that it offers solutions for its cannabis business community. it allows cannabis companies to target weed lovers with ads, and offers advertising solutions on its social, store, and mobile app to expand reach.


MassRoots is one of the most popular social networks in the cannabis industry. It was originally created to connect college students with other cannabis users. Eventually, it acquired the investor interest it needed to take the site public.

Unlike other social networking sites, the site is only available in states that have legalized cannabis. Despite this hindrance on its online presence, MassRoots still has acquired beyond 1 million current users.

With this popularity, dispensaries and other cannabis operations are promoting their businesses. After listing a dispensary on the site.

The business operator has access to valuable customer analytics to optimize marketing and promotional efforts.


Duby got its start back when cannabis prohibition was running rampant. It quickly became a safe space for cannabis lovers to post and connect without worrying about the law, its an app connecting hundreds of thousands of people who enjoy cannabis.

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Like an Instagram-Tinder hybrid, Duby makes it easy to connect with other users and network with professionals – not to mention, score dates with cannabis lovers.

It offers cannabusinesses opportunities to market their operations and connect.


The LeafWire platform is a cannabis and hemp business network connecting professionals to one another. 

This cannabis business network primarily focuses on connecting investors with cannabis businesses, which has aided in growing this massive industry.

So , if you’re a cananbusiness owner looking for an investment or an investor seeking an exciting investment opportunity, LeafWire is where you can make that happen.

LeafWire is a networking platform that brings professionals together to share content, discuss trends and techniques and analyze the medical and adult-use marijuana spaces.


Besides incorporating WeedMaps in a cannabis SEO strategy, this platform helps cannabis businesses reach consumers. This massive online community lets dispensaries promote their products, and the platform even allows online ordering.

WeedMaps is also an impressive content producer. Between reviews of brands, strains, and other cannabis-related products, it’s easy to see what attracts users and professionals operating in cannabis to this site.


CannaSOS is a massive weed strain database of comprehensive information on their effects, THC ratios, and other characteristics. Find drugs and dispensaries that are tailored to personal requirements. They create and distribute advertisment for your business.

The platform is both appealing and user friendly. You can also get all your marijuana related questions answered by “weed experts.”


MJLink is a modern cannabis section social network designed exclusively for Cannabis industry practitioners. Manufacturers, farmers, vendors, sellers, retailers, and those involve in the cannabis Industries are among them.

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