Review Review/ is legit site to earn money?

In this article I’ll be giving answers to questions concerning which includes, what’s how does it work? Is legit or Scam? how do I earn money on Is Paying? when was Launched and who’s the founder? How do I withdraw? and many others will be reveal in this review.

Reviews like this will help you know if the platform is paying, keeping its promise. Find out if is legit or scam.

If you’re looking for the above informations then you’re about to know them in this article also knowing if is legit or scam.

Disclaimer “We Naijabucks is not by anyway associated with platform hence this post is based on research and honesty
Now let’s get started

What is is an online platform that create a room where you can sell your internet connection.

You can also be earning money through your referral link for inviting people to join the platform.

How does work

To start working on, you need to visit their official website to create your account which is totally free.

As you create account, welcome you with a signup bonus of R50, and you now start earning R5 daily on their free plan.

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The free rank doesn’t expire, but subscribing to a higher plans has expiring date which you need to renew.

How do I earn money on

You earn by selling your internet connection, you are allowed to set any price you desire to sell depending on your rank you purchased.

You can also be earning more by uploading your rank. It is possible you get up to R960 per day if you’re on premium package.

Each rank last for 30 days.

Available plans on

There are different plans available on, all depending on your budget, how much you wish to be earning.

Here are the available plans on

Star Rating(free)

Earn up to R5 per day
Minimum withdrawal R150

Mzansi Rating(R300)

Earn up to R30 per day
Minimum withdrawal R150

Star Rating (R600)

Earn up to R60 per day
Minimum withdrawal R300

Mzansi Star Rating (R1200)

Earn up to R120 per day
Minimum withdrawal R600

Star Rating (R2400)

Earn up to R240 per day
Minimum withdrawal R1200

Mzansi Star Rating (R4800)

Earn up to R480 per day
Minimum withdrawal R2400

Star Rating (R9600)

Earn up to R960 per day
Minimum withdrawal R4800

When was Launched

It is really good knowing when an online platform started. started on the 12th of August 2022, it’s still a growing site with few users already on their free scheme.

Who Owns/CEO of

This is some other fundamental component you should recognise before joining a platform.
The owner or the CEO of is unknown at this moment writing this article, they have got determined to preserve this facts to themselves which I don’t know their intention.

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How to Sign-up on

To register on this platform follow this steps below.

Click on this to be directed to their official signup page.
Input your details as soon on the screen.
Then click on SIGNUP to own account.

How to Sign-in account

To login is very easy as ABC.
Click on this to visit their official login site.
Input Username and Password and click on LOGIN to access your account. Referral

This is another way you can be earning higher.
Used your referral link to make allot of money by inviting friends and family to join the platform through your link.

If anyone successfully register on the platform through your link, rewards you a commission for each referral. Withdrawal

Withdrawals on would be processed within 24/28 hours of time, and it will be sent to your local bank account after filling in the necessary details.

Minimum withdrawal is based on the rank plan, the free minimum withdrawal plan is R150

Is Paying?

There is no payment proof anywhere at this moment writing this article, though is still a new platform.

Is Legit?

Tagging this a legit site will be too early since there is no payment proof and it’s still brand new.

You can be on their free earning plan and also refer people, because it’s safe and free risk.

Is Scam?

There is no complains from its users that is scam at this moment writing this article. I will update this article as soon I discover anything new from them.

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