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Are you searching on the internet if is legit platform or scam, or looking for other information concerning this platform that’s claiming users can make profits, then after studying this our review you’ll understand every important step to take, whether to signup or not. Find out if earning platform Is legit or scam.

In this article you’ll be provided with all the necessary information you need to know about that claims users can earn money everyday by just daily logins, which includes, what’s, how does works, when was launched, who is the founder of, how to register on, is legit or scam, how to login account, is paying.

There are many online platform today, that comes with many exciting offers to make people join their platform, some of these platform pays for a short time, while some don’t even pay before they run away with peoples investment and time.

For you not to be victim of these platforms checking have to be your first thing earlier than investing your difficult earned money into any on-line funding. The majority of users do not make any single studies before jumping into online investment, that’s why they end up loosing their hard earned money. Continue reading as you find out if legit or not.

Disclaimer “We Naijabucks is not by anyway working with Platform but this put up is based on studies and honesty”.

What is is an online platform that claims to pay every member who Invest on the platform.

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How does work

Before you are giving the opportunity to work on this platform and start earning money, you need to signup for account with the aid of visiting their website to register. We’ll direct you here in this article on a way to signup as you examine down.

Once you finish with your registration and now a member of, you automatically earn $5 as a welcome bonus which is display on your wallet address.

Now you have to activate your account before you can start earning money with this platform by making a deposit on the platform with a particular amount you can afford.

There are different plans and their amount available, the minimum available amount $50 where you earn $0.10 and the maximum plan of $10000 where you earn $216 daily.

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How to earn money on

To earn money on this is very easy when you’ve successfully completed your registration and have activate your account with the minimum amount or higher that you can afford.

As an member you earn money by just performing simple tasks which are daily logins.

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Another way you can be earning higher is through their affiliate program, using your referral link to invite friends and family to join the platform, and anyone who successfully register and activate his account the platform rewards you with a commission.

How you generate your income all depends on the particular plan you subscribe, which means the higher the amount you invest the higher income you generate from the platform.

Who is the founder of

This is some other important ideas you should recognise before involving your self to a platform.

The founder or the CEO of is unknown at this moment writing this article, they have determine to preserve this facts to themselves which we don’t know their intention.

This manner if anything goes wrong or takes place no person will be

preserve liable for anyone lost.

When was Lunched

It’s very good and smart to know how long online platform started, with this you’ll know if it’s new or it has being existing.

Fortunately, we discovered that was registered on the 3rd of March 2023. Which shows is still new at this moment writing this article.

What is the minimum Subscription amount on

The minimum activation or subscription amount on is $50 where you earn $0.10 in 90days.

How to register on

To join the platform follow these steps below to guide you on how to register.

  • First click here to direct you to their official registration site.
  • Input your, Email address, Phone number, Password, Confirm Password.
  • Input your Invitation code.
  • Now click on Register to complete your registration.
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How to login on

To login your account follow these steps below here.

Input Email address and Password
Click on LOGIN to access your account. Referral

Here is a way you can be earning massively which is by using your referral link to invite friends and family to register on the platform through your link.

Once someone has successfully completed his/her registration on the platform using your link the platform rewards you with a commission based on your project. Withdrawal

Once you have reach the minimum withdrawal amount you can place your withdrawals details and wait for 24 hours for your withdrawal to be successful as promised by the platform.

You can withdraw your earnings through your local bank account or using a USDT account to withdraw your funds.

Is Paying

At this moment writing this article there is no payment evidence as amita-ecomerce is still new.

Is Legit cannot be tagged a genuine site at this second writing this article because is still new and no payment evidence in regards of this platform was found anywhere.

There are many red flags on the platform which cannot be ignored.

We advice registered members and intended members who are looking forward to work on this platform to exercise caution and invest what he/she will be able to loose if any misfortune occure in future.

You can share with us your reviews and experience with this platform at the comment section below.

Is Scam cannot be trusted and might be a scam, we all know platforms like this has come and go, joining a platform when is new is little risky.


Thanks for your time to examine this our review to this point, if there’s any question you would love to ask or add up something concerning this platform you can go by dropping a comment down below.

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