Make money Is Paysenger legit way to make money?

Welcome to, we brought you another way to make money online today, are you a popular actor, business man/woman, blogger with popularity, doctor that people want to reach every time every day. It means that your social media and messengers are likely full of unreplied messages, And your followers aren’t satisfied that they cannot communicate with you. Is legit? Don’t worry I answer that as you read down.

In this article today find out what is is, How it works, is legit? and so on.

So, the request is obvious. The audience wants to communicate with popular people. But how do get their attention? It’s very simple. You just pay money for communication. To do this, you need a service that helps you to communicate with the audience for money. is here for that, Is legit? find out.

What then is Paysenger?

Paysenger is an online platform where experts, actors, musicians, athletes, influencers, other celebrities and other content-creating users provide paid communication services to respond to users who are intended of such personalised responses in the form of video, voice (audio), picture or text messages and paid text chats and audio or video calls with Recipients.

How does Paysenger work

Paysenger is a service where users can get in touch with any of their favorite actor, doctor, musicians, other celebrities to chat with them by paying their communication service to reach them.

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The service helps you to solve different tasks. For instance, users can order a video greeting from their favorite actor, discuss a business idea with a successful entrepreneur, consult a doctor, get a private lesson from a musician, and more.

Bloggers, artists, musicians, scientists, experts, the widest range of popular and in-demand people, can earn money from communicating with the audience.

Paysenger will let stars, bloggers, and experts focus on the content and communication with the audience. Although, the ecosystem of the service is more than a means for communicating for money.

On the other hand

Paysenger will get its own payment method (EGO token) and an internal NFT marketplace. Users will be able to convert a communication record with influencers into NFT tokens: chat conversations or video responses. After these NFTs can be sold on the internal marketplace.

How to register/how to start

Visit their official website by clicking on this

Then click on get started.
Sign up on the service and set a price for communication.

Share a link to your profile with the audience. Post it on your social media, story, or your blog feed.
Followers will make a request for communication and you will receive a notification.

Approve the request and start making money on communication!
Now you can start to earn money from your audience.

Is Paysenger legit?

Paysenger is a legitimate way to make money through reaching your audience.

The team has big plans for the future. Right now Paysenger is a service with a concept that is worthy of your attention.

Paysenger will help you to earn more on your blog and focus on communicating with people rather than finding advertisers.

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Become an official paysenger partner

On Paysenger you can connect to expect blogger, your favorite actor, business people and many popular people you want to chat with. All you need to do is to pay for their attention then you can be able to communicate with him or her.

To be an official paysenger partner you need to create account on the platform.
Follow this guide to create account.

First click here to be directed to their official partnership registeration site.

Follow the instructions provided and be a partner.


Thanks for your time to read this my paysenger review, that’s all for today. if there’s any question, you can do so by dropping a comment down below.

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