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How to check your BVN using MTN, GLO, and AIRTEL Sims.

Welcome to read how to check your BVN.

In this post I’ll be giving out every information you need to know about Bank Verification Number (BVN) and how to check your Nigeria BVN using your mobile phone across networks like the MTN, Airtel, GLO and 9mobile network providers.

Currently, most account registeration in Nigeria require personal BVN, many people have been unable to register on some platforms due to the inability to get their BVN.

Some found it difficult to create different accounts they need due to the inability to abtain their BVN.

Don’t be disturb again as the solution is here for you, Currently, it is possible for customers like you to check their BVN with mobile phones.

You can use any network service provider to check your BVN number, including MTN, 9Mobil, Airtel or Glo.

What is BVN?

Bank verification number, commonly known as BVN, is a unique identification number that can be verified across all financial institutions in Nigeria.

The CBN mandated the use of BVN on February 14, 2014, following it’s establishment of a single Biometric Identification System.

Benefits and uses of BVN

Below are the benefits or uses of the Bank Verification Number in Nigeria.

We used the BVN as a means of identification across all banks in Nigeria.

BVN offers the verification and validation of the customers’ identity seamlessly across multiple electronic platforms. 

With BVN, Financial institutions can track customers, especially in loan repayment.

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BVN limits Cyberfraud.

The BVN database is used to display your relevant information, name, phone number, address also your date of birth.

  • BVN helps Standardized efficiency of Banking operations.

Check BVN on MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9Mobile

You shouldn’t worry if you forgot your BVN, follow this step by step guide on retrieving or accessing your BVN

To check or access your BVN on MTN, 9mobile, Airtel and Glo, follow the instructions below:

On your mobile phone and sim card used in BVN enrollment, dial *5650#

Wait until your number is displayed on the screen of your device.
Then copy the BVN and save it in a safe place.

Note: To check or access your BVN with MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile cost the same amount.

You’re going to be charged N20 to access your bank verification number, BVN.


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