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What is Affiliate Marketing/How do I Sign-up Affiliate Marketing.

Welcome to, If you’re here, you’ve found yourself wondering if Affiliate Marketing is legit or scam, then you will have your answer today. You may have even landed here after typing it on Google. 

In today’s article we will help you know what exactly affiliate marketing is, how to Sign-up, how to make money, if affiliate marketing is legit or scam, I’m sure by the time you’re done reading this article to the end you’ll be able to know where to start.

First we’ll start by knowing what exactly affiliate marketing is.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an online method of making money by recommending existing companies products for sale. Anytime a customer makes a purchase via your recommendation, the company pays you a commission. 

Commission rates is based on the company you deal with. You can expect to see commission rates as low as 1% for some physical products, and as much as 70 – 100% of front-end sales for digital products, softwares, and online services.
Affiliate marketing is done in many ways with niche websites and product reviews being a popular method of generating affiliate commissions. 

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

How exactly do affiliate marketing work, what are the procedures starting affiliate marketing.

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You (the affiliate marketer) sign up for an affiliate program via a brand or affiliated network with hundred of brands.

After signing up, you get your special product affiliate link, or several if you will be promoting different products. 
Then, you place your product affiliate link where potential customers can find it alongside your product recommendation. 

Ideally, once your links are placed, people can find your recommendation, click your affiliate link, and purchase the product. 

Once a purchase is approved, the company will send you a commission based on their commission rate structure and pay schedule.

Is Affiliate Marketing Legit?

If this is your first time hearing of affiliate marketing or you have being hearing about it but don’t know if it’s legit or not, then you are about to get your final answer here today.

Yes is 100% legit, Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online and anyone who is willing to learn can have success with it. 

Do you know 81% of advertisers use some form of affiliate marketing to help drive additional sales to their businesses. And also 84% of publishers (content creators, bloggers, etc) rely on affiliate marketing as a form of income for themselves. 
With this you should know affiliate marketing is 100% legit.

How do I make money on affiliate marketing

You can absolutely make money from affiliate marketing. Some affiliates earn 6 to 7 figures from affiliate marketing alone! 

Although affiliate marketing sounds simple from a high-level overview (and it is), it can take some time learning how to put together all the moving parts. 

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Here’s how to get started with affiliate marketing as a biginner.

Choose a niche beginner.

  • Sign up for affiliate programs
  • Decide how you will promote your affiliate products (website, social media, YouTube, etc)
  • Set up your promotion channels
  • Start producing content with your affiliate links
  • Market your content
  • Repeat!

I know affiliate marketing is much more than this shot seven steps I listed above.

Does it cost money to start affiliate marketing?

I know many will love to know if it cost money starting affiliate marketing, absolutely No, but you can invest your money in any area that can help you make money quickly. It all depends
If you already have a large and engaged social media followers, you can start making money promoting affiliate products immediately. 

But if you don’t have a large social media following, an engaged YouTube channel, or an email list, it’s going to take a bit of time before you start seeing affiliate marketing income.

Affiliate marketing scams to avoid

There are many affiliate marketing programs scams today, if you’re gone far in the business, they’re easy to spot. But if not, stay away from these types of affiliate programs when you’re signing up as a beginner.

Some will say pay-to-join affiliate marketing programs, anything that looks spammy or scammy, Get-rich-quick schemes, low-quality online courses.

As a beginner make sure you do with well known brands and well known affiliate programs not only it’s easier to sell products from well-known brands.

 it also ensures that you’re safe from affiliate program scams.
That’s all I have for you today, you can also do research to know more dipper about affiliate marketing brands.

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Thanks for your patience to read this article to this point, if there’s any question you wish to ask, we accept it, go ahead by dropping a comment down below.

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    To be Part of this marketing is there any registration?

    • Yeah, You are required to signup to any of their brand.


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