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How to earn money on Instagram (2023 Legit way to make money)

Do you know as an individual you can make money on social media with serious strategy. Whether you are a business man of not you can definitely make millions on Instagram. As an individual if you’re wondering how to make money on Instagram then you don’t have to wonder again because you’re about to know them on this article.

Keep reading to know some examples from creators and brands, and find tips on how to make money on Instagram that apply to everyone.

Some persons keep on asking this question “can I make money on Instagram?” Definitely yeah. infact, helping creators make a living in the platform is a top priority for Instagram, especially as competition heats up on Tiktok, YouTube and Snapchat.

Instagram was the second most download app in the world in the year 2021. It’s the seventh most-visited website globally, the fourth-most used social media platform and has 1.22 billion users every month. Which is to say that’s the massive potential audience.

How to make money as a Creator

A Creator Instagram account is a type of Instagram account create especially for content creation. it’s not like a business Instagram account.

Even if you don’t have a business, there are many different ways you can be making money on Instagram as an individual.
The following listed below are some of the ways you can be making money on Instagram in 2023.

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Join An Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program, this is related to brand partnerships, as joining affiliate program still requires you to connect yourself to a business that sells specific products or experiences. When you join as an affiliate program they essentially pay you for selling other people’s products

(so again, you want to make sure that the product you are highlighting align with your values) If your followers buy something through you using a specific link or a code, you get paid.

Partner With Brands

Partnering with brands is likely the well known way that creators can make money on Instagram. Find a small and big brand that align with your values (that part is important partnering with a brand that has nothing to do with your regular content, will make you seen inauthentic).

Partnering with different brands can take many forms,

you can make an Instagram post that features a specific products and be paid or offered with free products in exchange for content. To do all that, try making a few post that features some of your favorite things example, restaurant, book shops, what ever feels true to you for free. You can point to those post as examples when you’re reaching out to brands.

Sell Your Merch

Using Instagram as a marketing tool for your other business is a great strategy for money making.

if you’ve curated your personal brand enough to have a certain look, logo, catchphrase, or anything else that is recognizable you consider selling merch that’s splashed with that extra sparkle (you’re brand). You can make money from sales pluse score some free advertising when your followers start walking around with your name on their sweatpants.

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Enable Live Badge

Do you know creators from the U S.. Instagrams Live Badge is a method where you can be making money directly through the app.
During a Live video, Viewers can purchase a badges which can cost up to $4.99 to show their support.

To enable Live Badges on, go to your and tap Professional Dashboard. Then Enable Instagram monetization. Once you have approved, you’ll see a botton called Set Up Badges. Tap that and you’re good to go.

If you have turn on Live Badges, make sure to mention it when you go live (also remind your followers that if they do like to show their support with money, it’s easy to do so) and express gratitude when someone purchase badge. Saying thank you goes a long way, and will likely encourage other people to pitch in.

Link To Your Blog or Vlog

Selling advertising space on your website, with Instagram you can direct your followers to that external site by setting a link. Making money from YouTube can be super lucrative.

Here are some quick examples

  • YouTubers who post highlight of their vlog reels, then provide provide a link to their YouTube channel for the full video.
  • Outdoor adventures who post gorgeous landscapes and link to their blog where they detail the best road trips routes.
  • Foodies who post pictures of food they have made and also have a blog where they post full recipes.
  • Fashion influencers who post their outfits on Instagram and link to their website where they share were the clothes came from.

How to make money on Instagram as a business man.

Making money on Instagram is all about being active, present (and keeping on with trends ) is one the best way to find business success on the platform in 2023.

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Set Up Countdowns to New Launches

You can use your Instagram to give your followers an update if new releases, lunches or product lines and using the Countdown or Reminder functions, you can provide potential customers with a simple way to flag when those new products will be available for sale. This create a hype around your offer and once it just release, users get notifications reminding them to check out the goods.

Partnering with other Business

Partnering with other businesses give folks on both sides of the deal an opportunity to interact a wider consumer base. Contacting other businesses like yours and hosting a contest or giveaway, with these you can gain followers and tap into a new audience.

Advertising on Instagram

Yes this can still work, Advertising on Instagram is actually another way you can make money on the platform and make your progress. Turn any of your post into an ad by boosting it, and your Instagram analytics will tell how much of a difference the boots made.

Set a Chatbot

Setting up a Chatbot is an easy way to provide excellent customer service and make sales through direct messages.
A Chatbot is integrated directly into your Instagram account and website and can answer any frequently asked questions from your followers.

If the question is too complicated for the conversational AI Chatbot, then it will automatically pass the inquiry to a real live member of your team.

If you may ask how can a Chatbot help me to making money on Instagram? this is how it works;

A Chatbot on your Instagram account can help you recommend products to your shop, directly to your customers within the chat, leading to faster and more streamline sales.

It also helps, if a customer inquires what color foundation you have in stock, the Chatbot can serve up three different opinionsthat the user can quickly add to their cart without ever leaving the platform.

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