How to make my phone faster (6 ways to speed up your phone)

If you’re facing slow running of your Android phone, then there are actually some things you can do to improve your phone performance. While these methods won’t make it as fast as the latest G
generation like the Google Pixel 7 pro or Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, you should notice some performance boosts. if you are dealing with a slow phone, here are some ways to put some pep back into your Android device.

Uninstall unusual Apps

Unused apps are taking up space on the phone device and may clog the memory RAM if they run in the background. To avoid slowly running of a device make sure you try uninstalling unused apps this may improve system smoothness and battery live. Uninstalling an app has different ways, you can long-press the app select ‘Uninstall’ or either drag the app to the uninstall prompt that appears at the top of the screen.

Restart your Phone

Restarting your phone is another unforgettable way to keep your device running smoothly. This simple way can automatically helps for your phone’s performance, especially pesky background app processes the dip.

Although, using an Android that has enough memory and the RAM is bigger helps too. But if you use a phone of 4GB, 3GB of RAM or lower, a robot can improve overall performance. You can have the habit of rebooting your phone weekly. But if it happens to be sluggish to reboots, increase the frequency to every other day.

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Consider installing a custom ROM

If you’ve a relative old and slow Android phone or one that have reached the end of its manufacture’s support, consider installing a customer ROM or a kernel on it. This will void you warranty, but it’s like already expired if your device is that old.

Before doing that, ensure your phone’s bootloader is unlockable, as you’re likely out of luck without that. On where the bootloader is unlocking is not an issue, the method to root and install costume ROM or kernels varies depending on the variant and device manufacturer.

Download Lite editing apps

Using lite editing apps can help you go a long way speeding your Android phone, several developers and Google offer Lite or Go editors of their apps for old and low end Android device with limited RAM and storage.

Google offers Lite editions of several apps, including Assistance Go, Camera Go, Map Go and Google Go. You can also get some other Lite editions of other popular apps on playstore including, Facebook, Tweeter, Spotify.

Update to the latest software

Upgrading to the latest Android version can free up system resources on your device, which could help improve system smoothness and fasting app loading times.

All major OEMs have come along way from the initial days of Android and now roll out frequent software updates for their device. The best part is that this manufactures improve system performance and smoothness based on user feedback with almost every update.
So, enter the software update settings and look for available OTA software.

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Once you have confirmed you have the latest version of Android, take a moment to check the Google Play store to see if you have any app that should be updated. App update often includes Bug fixes and other improvement.

You can also turn on automatic updates in the Google Play Store, with automatic updates, apps update when you’re not using your phone and have a WiFi connection.

Perform a factory reset

A factory reset is a very good way to improve performance. It restore your device to its state and erases all your data.

If you’ve tried all the suggestion listed here and you’re still dealing with a pokey device, then perform a factory reset.

Once you’re ready to perform a factory reset first your Android phone, first create a backup of your essential data. After resetting the phone, set it up, installing only the app you need.

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