Fairmoney Loan App Review | Is Fairmoney Loan App Legit? | Learn how to apply here.

Welcome to our website, are you looking for a loan app that can loan you some money to run your business, pay bills, travel out or for your health and you’re searching on the internet to find one or searching if Fairmoney loan app is legit or scam, then this article is highly recommended for you.

In this article @Naijabucks will provide you all the necessary informations you need to know before getting into Fairmoney loan app and procedures to get your loan application approved also you will find out here if Fairmoney loan app is legit or scam.

Before the launch, FairMoney has been able to help thousands of Nigerians and Nigerian businesses inch a bit closer to their dreams by providing them with the financial backing they can not afford at the moment. They have made it possible for individuals and small businesses to thrive in spite of the reality of their situation.

What is Fairmoney Loan App

Fairmoney loan app is an online lending app that provides loans to citizens of Nigeria.

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This loan platform provides you with a different way of getting a loan in Nigeria and it does this with no collateral. With FairMoney Loan, you can get an instant loan of up to as much as ₦500,000 without needing any paperwork or even collateral. This would be done in under five minutes or lesser.

How much can I borrow on Fairmoney Loan App

You can access a FairMoney Loan in the range of ₦1,500 to ₦500,000 with durations for loans up to 60 days and above. The monthly interest is also about 10%-30% monthly. The process does not incur any additional fees or hidden costs when processing your loan.

What are the requirements to borrow on Fairmoney Loan App

Fairmoney Loan App requirement are very good, you don’t need to offer any collateral or fill out any paperwork to apply for a loan in other to be approved. All what they will ask you is to share your BVN details during the loan application and connect your card or bank account to authorize Fairmoney to debit your account for the payment.

How to apply for a Fairmoney loan

As a nigerian, borrowing money from Fairmoney is very easy and can be done within 1hr or even less depending on the amount you are applying for! You can follow the steps below to get access to a loan.

  • Download the Fairmoney Loan app from Google Play Store
  • Create an account and fill out a simple form. Ensure that you provide your accurate details to avoid unnecessary delays in receiving your loan
  • Find out the amount of money you’re eligible to receive a loan and apply
  • Receive the money in your bank account in not more than 24 hours
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FairMoney takes customer experience and satisfaction as a major priority. To this effect, they have launched a new app that does this perfectly. The app is easy to use and reliable, announcing its next phase of growth as the easiest way to get a loan in Nigeria.

What makes Fairmoney Loan App different from other lenders

Speed of delivery – You can get a loan instantly in 5 minutes, from anywhere in Nigeria Flexibility – You can repay on or before your due date No hidden charges – there interest and fees charges are all-inclusive, ensuring transparency The customer is King – there team is trained to treat you with the utmost respect at all times.

Fairmoney Loans Customer Service

If you are having some issues with loan repayment or receiving cash after approval, you may quickly contact Fairmoney using the channels listed below.

Send an email to or reach out through our social media platforms.

Why was my loan application rejected

If you’re wondering why your loan wasn’t given to you, It might be for different reasons like:

Not enough information found on the phone: You should increase your phone usage (Calls/SMS) to be eligible. – They decided not to give you a credit at this time after analyzing your profile. Keep using your bank account with healthy revenues to get a loan soon.

Now, here is what people really wants to know if Fairmoney loan app is legit or scam.

How to make money on Fairmoney

The referrals program is a way for you to earn discounts on your FairMoney loans. In other words, the better you perform as a referrer the larger the discounts you get on your loans.

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Go to your Fairmoney app copy your custom link and start sharing! Remember for each NEW person you refer that gets a loan on the FairMoney Android app, you get discount on YOUR own existing loan which makes repaying your loan that much easier.

Can I used iOS to get a loan with Fairmoney loan app

No, Fairmoney loan app is only available for Android users and can be download on Google play store.

Is Fairmoney loan app legit

The Fairmoney loan app is very safe and legit, as long as you have met all the necessary requirements needed for a loan the loan will be given to you. Make sure you provide the correct details while applying for a loan.

They stick to their promise. You just make sure you make your loan repayment once it is due to avoid having issues with the credit bureau.

Is Fairmoney Loan App Scam

No!, The Fairmoney loan app is not a scam, you just have to follow all the app instructions, if you notice any illegal while using Fairmoney, report to your bank immediately for it to be reviewed.


At the moment, the Fairmoney loan app is one of the top most-downloaded finance apps in Nigeria and widely used when compared with other lenders. The app takes care of loan needs with ease, allowing you to focus on growing your business and achieving your personal goals. In the process, it has reached more people, pulling them out of financial exclusion.

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