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How to recover my WhatsApp banned account

Since it was created more than a decade ago, WhatsApp has been one of the most used social communication platforms.

Reports show that there are over 2 billion WhatsApp users across the globe. 

WhatsApp has proved to be useful for both informal and formal communications alike. Families, friends, colleagues, and even businesses use WhatsApp to keep in touch. 

According to a survey, it is one of the social media platforms that consumes people’s time the most. While WhatsApp rests in all these accolades, it has a dent. 

Recently, a lot of WhatsApp users have complained that their accounts were banned – not just temporarily but permanently. 

If you are also in that shoe, then this article will explain how to recover a permanently banned WhatsApp account. 

Types of Whatsapp banned

There are certain things we should know before we go into how to unban your account, and these things are the types of WhatsApp bans we have.

The temporary ban and the permanent ban.

Temporary Banned

The Temporary Ban, as the name implies, is just temporary, and there is a chance you can get it lifted. Temporary bans can be lifted using a few methods, and they are usually only in effect for a short time.

Temporary bans aren’t so bad as they take a period of 12-24 hours to cease. 

Permanent Banned

When your phone number is permanently blocked from using Whatsapp, it is known as a permanent ban. It is a severe case and cannot be reversed.

How to unban a permanently banned WhatsApp number? There is no solution to this question, as you cannot reverse WhatsApp Permanent ban at any cost.

You can also be banned directly after a temporary ban. Why? Perhaps you failed to follow the conditions given for the restoration of your account, for example, you were asked to delete an unofficial WhatsApp application, and you didn’t do so.

Why was my WhatsApp account banned?

Before we proceed, you must be aware of the various reasons your account might be banned. Here are five popular reasons why most WhatsApp accounts are banned.

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Creating and using multiple accounts

This concept is similar to 3. (Usage of WhatsApp mods). 

But the difference is that it might be done unknowingly as in the case of a Reddit user who reported that her WhatsApp account was suddenly banned, she claimed that after multiple messages to the company, there was no reply from them. 

This could happen because hackers (cyber attackers) purposely suspend the account of those using their phone numbers.

Research revealed that the attackers first download the WhatsApp app and try logging in with the number of the victim. 

When this is discovered, the two-factor authentication sends a message to the victim but due to the persistent (failed) trials of the attacker, the account will then be disabled which denies both the victim and the attacker access to log in to that account. 

However, this is a temporary ban that would most likely be lifted after a day. 

Having said that, please don’t misunderstand this for creating a business WhatsApp account as the numbers you’ll use in both cases are going to be different.

Usage of Whatsapp hack

Usage of WhatsApp hacks like ones that send multiple messages within a limited time frame.

WhatsApp band account that sends bulk messages within a little time frame and also those that send messages automatically, i.e automated messages. 

According to a report, WhatsApp bans up to 2.5 million accounts per month.

Your account might be permanently banned if it has been noticed that your account performs suspicious activities like the ones mentioned above. 

If your account exceeds the normal time frame for humans ” it is not a human, but an automated system.”  And might 

Adding people to groups without their permission

Perhaps one of the reasons people get banned from WhatsApp is when they add people to groups without their consent. 

WhatsApp, as an information company, strictly follows some data privacy rules. If the algorithm might suspend anyone who adds people to groups quite frivolously. 

Even if the algorithm doesn’t detect this at times, the people who were unduly added to groups might petition the account

If your WhatsApp account has been banned, please make sure you check if you are not guilty of this. Nonetheless, now you know better. 

Posting of illegal Contents and Spamming

Most users get banned from using WhatsApp because they violate the rules of certain groups and also they violate the rules of third-party privacy. 

Spamming people means sending unsolicited, undesired, and unconfirmed messages to people or a person and particularly people who don’t know you or have any information about you. 


Most numbers are gotten from groups where the spammers and the victim are in common.

Victims often report this situation to whoever is the admin of such a group, while some just report them (to WhatsApp LLC) and then block them. 

The same is the case of the WhatsApp group.

Those who post content prior to the things related to what the group is all about (or when they spam someone), get removed and perhaps reported to the WhatsApp corporation and this is mostly done after several warnings.

Usage of Whatsapp mod apps

The usage of modified WhatsApp apps, such as WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, or apps that claim to move your WhatsApp chats between phones, are altered versions of WhatsApp. 

Third-party developers created these unapproved apps, which are in violation of the WhatsApp Terms of Service. Therefore, using a third-party app other than WhatsApp business and Whatsapp messenger can lead to a permanent ban.


How to recover a banned account WhatsApp number

Now, let’s get to business. These are the step-by-step details on how to recover a permanently, or temporary banned WhatsApp account:


 If you’ve been banned for a limited time, the most straightforward solution is simply to wait for the penalty to expire. The punishment lasts anywhere from 12 to 72 hours on average.

B.U.I method

This method simply means Back up, Uninstall and Install.

If perhaps you used a third-party version of WhatsApp and they halted your account for it, then you need to follow this technique. 

In that case, you should back up your messages. Then, import them after the ban was removed.

For GB WhatsApp on Android and iOS (after the ban is lifted):

  • Click on More options.
  • Navigate to Chats.
  • Click on Back up chats.
  • Open the File Manager application.
  • Look for a folder called ‘GB WhatsApp’ on your computer.
  • Once you’ve found it, rename it to ‘WhatsApp’ exclusively.
  • It’s most likely “More” or the three dots in the top right corner, followed by Rename.


  • Choose one of the following applications to install
  • WhatsApp is available on Android and iOS.
  • Please provide your phone number.
  • Accept a call or input an authentication code supplied to your phone number in the form of a text message to confirm it.
  • You’ll see a screen that says “Backup detected” right away. Select Restore from the menu. Next should be tapped. Your WhatsApp conversations have now been imported.
  • Your WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, or Yo WhatsApp chat history is automatically restored.
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After your WhatsApp account has successfully been restored, it is advisable that you delete the other WhatsApp apps you have such as GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp plus to avoid being banned permanently by WhatsApp on account of using multiple accounts associated with a single phone number.

Contact WhatsApp support

After backing up and uninstalling the former WhatsApp you still get to see this pop-up saying, “your account has been banned from using Whatsapp”.

All you have to do now is submit a message to the customer service department.
In the bottom left corner, tap the Support option. A new window appears.
In the first textbox, briefly describe the situation.
You’ll have to make a decision. After tapping on it, this didn’t address my question. Have you read our Frequently Asked Questions?
In the upper right corner, tap Next. The app will immediately send the message to

You can also send an email WhatsApp email address for banned number

You can also add pictures or screenshots to prove your points (though this is optional).

Wait for them to investigate the situation and respond.

If the support team finds your explanation to be valid, your number will be reactivated within 48 hours of your request; if not, you will have to use another number.

Create another account using a different number

If none of the methods listed above works, simply move on. What about all the things I’ve accumulated on my former account, isn’t there anything I can do to get them back? 

We are afraid they may not be recovered anymore. It may appear to be a difficult choice, but it is a viable option.

Get a new phone number, download the official app, and make a point of not getting into any problems this time.

Frequently asked questions on a banned WhatsApp account

These are questions asked by those who are permanently banned from WhatsApp.

My WhatsApp account number is banned how to unbanned?

There are a few steps you can take to unban your WhatsApp account. Some of the ways to recover your permanently banned WhatsApp account are:

Simply wait for the ban to expire
Backup, Uninstall and Install again.
Contact WhatsApp support
Create another WhatsApp account if all other solution fails.

How much time does it take to unbanned WhatsApp number?

The time to get your WhatsApp number unbanned varies depending on the reason for the ban. It can last for 24 hours and in some cases 3 months.

WhatsApp banned my number solution?

If WhatsApp has banned your number, below are the solution:

Simply wait for the ban to expire
Backup, Uninstall and Install again.
Contact WhatsApp support
Create another WhatsApp account if all other solution fails.
That is how to restore banned Whatsapp number.


WhatsApp is quite important in the life of each person living in this modern day. Hence, being banned from the platform can disconnect people from the world. 

This article has furnished you with the right approach to take whenever your account gets banned and how to recover a permanently banned WhatsApp account.

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